Our favourite tips for creating a greener Christmas

At Little B, we LOVE Christmas time! After a busy 2019, we can't wait to enjoy some downtime and catch up with family. And this year will be extra special for us as our toddler (the original 'Little B'!) is starting to understand and feel excited too.

For those trying to keep waste to a minimum we know it can be a challenge though. After all, Christmas is a time of year that's synonymous with excess and over-indulgence. So, here are some of our favourite ways of creating a greener Christmas:


If you’re frugal (like me!), it can be tempting to go for the cheapest decorations. However, investing in decorations that will last a few years will be kinder to your bank balance in the long run, as well as result in less waste - win win!

For those that enjoy baking, what better way to spend a winter's afternoon than in the kitchen with the family making your own edible tree decorations.

To give your tree an extra special Christmas scent, how about PosyLondon’s special edition aromatherapy decorations - unsurprisingly from POSY, they smell amazing!

Wrapping paper rethink

Did you know, most wrapping paper contains plastic? For family, why not repurpose your favourite fabrics to dress your gifts? (Check out Furoshiki, the Japanese art of fabric wrapping).

If you feel the reusable nature of fabric wrapping isn’t practical when gifting outside of the family, Feel Good Goods is stocking recyclable wrapping paper, with a selection of gorgeous festive prints to choose from. Or for those feeling more crafty, simple brown paper tied with jute string can look super elegant.


According to the Carbon Trust, a 2m-tall cut Christmas tree that ends up in landfill has a 16kg carbon footprint! So, why not make your mantra ‘A tree is not just for Christmas’, and think about hiring one?

Sustainable rent-a-Christmas-tree schemes are popping up around the UK, helping to ensure that your seasonal centrepiece can live on year after year, long after the festivities have fizzled out. So, how does it work? It's simple: you rent a pot-grown tree and take it home, decorate and enjoy it for the festive period, then return so it can be cared for throughout the year, ready to be used again in next year’s celebrations.

Plastic-free crackers

Being more eco-conscious doesn’t have to mean taking the magic out of Christmas. For many, Christmas crackers are a staple festive tradition. While we’ve become used to the typical plastic tat found in Christmas crackers in recent years, there are alternatives out there, such as crackers made from eco-friendly materials (The Bag UK have some stunning eco Christmas crackers for sale this year) or reusable crackers.

Ditch cling film

With indulging in food and festive treats a big focus in lots of households over Christmas, try wrapping your leftovers with reusable wax food wraps instead of cling film. They'll keep your leftovers fresh for longer to help reduce food waste and can be reused again and again (and again.....), while adding a touch of pizzazz to your fridge.

Reusable advent calendars

The options for what to fill your reusable advent calendar with are endless! Wooden toys, tree decorations, tasty treats, a toy they've not played with for a while or perhaps vouchers for simple experiences you know they love (a trip to the park, afternoon in the woods, puddle splashing). We bought one for our 2 year old and I love that it’ll be around for many years to come, becoming one of our family Christmas traditions. It was handmade for us by the very talented Dagmar who runs local business, Happy Lovely Things.

These are just some of the ways to help you enjoy all of the festive fun, without the guilt of contributing to the extra waste Christmas time typically brings. If you have any tips you'd like to add, please do share!

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