wax wraps - reusable, natural and more versatile than you might realise...

Our beeswax and plant-based wax wraps provide a natural, reusable alternative to cling film. More and more people are getting on board with the benefits of wax wraps, but they’re actually more versatile than you might realise. Here are just some of the ways you can put them to use:

Cover bowls and dishes 

Whether it’s a leftover casserole, pre-prepared party food or a lonely Tupperware that’s lost its lid - our wax food wraps come in a choice of sizes and provide plenty of ‘cling’ to keep your food fresh.

Lunch on the go

Sandwiches, wraps, pittas, bagels or baguettes. Whatever your ‘go to’ for work or school lunches you can be confident it’ll be well looked after in a Little B beeswax wrap.

Keep half cut fruit, vegetables and salad fresh in the fridge

There’s no need to wrap the whole piece, just hug your wrap around the cut end to stop it from drying out.

Snacks to keep you going

Whether you like to munch on grapes, nuts, popcorn or sweets. Create a little reusable food pouch for your snack of choice out of one of our beeswax wraps. Watch our handy tutorial to see how easy it is!

No more sweaty cheese

Let your cheese breathe! Beeswax wraps provide a breathable seal, making it an ideal home for your cheeses.

Keep your toiletries in check when on your travels

Separate your soap, shampoo, conditioner bars, toothbrush and toothpaste from the rest of your luggage in a Little B wax wrap.

For flowers that look and smell so pretty, why wrap in plastic…?

Use a beeswax wrap to hand deliver them safely instead. Popping a bit of water-soaked scrap fabric or kitchen roll in the bottom will help them stay fresh too.

Avoid fresh herbs from going limp

Our wraps cling to themselves, as well as bowls and dishes. Simply lie your herbs on a wrap, fold it over to cover them over and pinch the two sides together all around to seal the freshness in.


Wine bottle stopper gone astray? Want to keep your pitcher of cocktails safe from bugs? Improvise with a beeswax wrap.

Keeping rolling, rolling, rolling

To avoid your pastry from sticking to your worktop and falling apart at the critical moment, roll it on your wrap instead! It makes the transfer to your dish far easier. Leftover pastry? Forget the cling film, store it in a beeswax wrap - they’re happy in the fridge or freezer.

One for the kids

Keep your play-doh from drying out by wrapping up in a beeswax wrap after each play session.