Eco-friendly Christmas gifts ideas

We’ve been looking at how we can keep the magic of Christmas alive for our Little B family in a more planet-friendly way. We hope you find these suggestions useful too!

Choose handmade

And for extra eco bonus points, buy locally to help keep unnecessary packaging and delivery miles to a minimum. Why not have a browse around some of the eco markets taking place locally leading up to Christmas for ideas? We’ve met lots of very talented makers since starting Little B so I’m actually looking forward to Christmas shopping this year - unique handmade gifts, supporting other local businesses, while keeping plastic waste and carbon footprint to a minimum - win win win!

Edible gifts

If your family is anything like ours, there’ll be some people that are impossible to buy for. You don’t have to give Mary Berry a run for her money to pull off the baked goods gift. Simple biscuits in a recycled glass jar or a Christmas loaf presented in a box will go down a treat, even with those most tricky to buy for.

Go natural

Gone are the days you need to rely on the high street smellies wrapped in plastic as your go to gift. Show your friends and family there are natural, plastic-free options out there. POSY is one of our absolute faves for natural deodorants, shampoo bars and conditioner bars - all handmade in Newbury.

For the little ones

When shopping for children's gifts you can find yourself wading through a sea of plastic, but there are some delightful alternatives available - wooden toys from Love Heartwood, puzzles, natural playdough, crayons and craft sets to name a few.

For the grown ups

Beeswax wraps are the ideal gift for anyone trying to reduce their plastic waste. They’re a reusable, plastic-free way to keeping food fresh - from sandwiches to cheese to fruit and veg to leftover dinners. Or for those who’re more creative, these ‘make your own beeswax wrap kits’ offer a unique gift that doesn’t cost the earth.

Reusable ✔️ Compostable✔️ Eye-catching✔️ Long-lasting ✔️

Alternatively, save yourself a job of wrapping and gift them an experience instead. What are their interests? Favourite band? Restaurant they’d like to try? Somewhere they'd love to visit?

Something sparkly

If you’re looking for something extra special, Jewellery by Emma Roy is well worth a look. Not only do her unique handmade silver pieces look beautiful, she uses recycled materials and they come ready-wrapped in elegant eco-friendly packaging.

Are any of your favourites left off the list? Let us know!

 Eco-friendly Christmas gifts ideas


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