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What are beeswax wraps?

Removing the need for cling film, beeswax wraps provide a reusable, natural way to keep your food fresh. 

Our wraps are handmade using organic cotton (GOTS certified), infused with our special blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.  They're also much nicer to look at than plastic or foil! Check out the choice of beautiful prints they're available in here.

Do they work as well as cling film?

We think they're better! There's no need to let your food sweat in plastic film made from chemicals, instead keep it fresh in our breathable organic beeswax wraps, handmade using natural ingredients. Beeswax has antibacterial and antifungal properties which keep bacteria and germs at bay.

Our special recipe provides enough cling for wraps to be used as a practical way to keep food fresh. The warmth from your hands will help the wrap cling, creating a breathable seal. You can see our beeswax wraps in action here:

They may leave a slight residue of wax on dishes, which easily washes off (and remember, no nasties in our wraps to worry about). 

Are they reusable? Can I wash them?

The beauty of beeswax wraps is that not only are they biodegradable, you can reuse them multiple times. In between uses, hand wash in cool soapy water. Raw meat or warm foods are best avoided.

How long will they last?

Our wraps typically last a year. They’ll crease over time, you can refresh them by heating in the oven (100c) for 1 minute. Once you’re ready to part with them, pop into your compost!

Where are the wraps made?

Every Little B wrap is handmade by us (The B family, aka Claire and Iain, with added help from our toddler, the original 'Little B'!). We don't use any high-tech machines or gadgets; just us, our hob, oven, baking mats and brushes. We take lots of care to ensure our wraps are the best quality and are waxed evenly. On some occasions you may spot slight imperfections (we think it gives them extra character), if you want to remove these, simply popping on a baking paper covered tray and heating in the oven at 100c for 1 minute should do the trick. If you're in any way unhappy with your wraps please do let us know so we can fix it!

Beeswax wrap making gets messy. When you're making them by hand there's little you can do to avoid this -  anyone who's tried making their own will know what we mean! But we love every bit of the process, from choosing which fabric prints to buy next, to perfecting our recipe, to the satisfaction of seeing the packs complete and ready for our lovely customers. We often share some behind the scenes moments on our Facebook and Instagram pages if you fancy taking a look.

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