Looking for a fun way to keep cool on hot summer days? Water balloons! The whole aim of them is to throw and break them, so it’s easy to see why little ones love a good water balloon battle. The only problem? They leave behind a whole load of waste. Waste that can’t be recycled. And waste that’s damaging to the environment and wildlife.

You see, water balloons are made primarily out of latex which take years to fully break down. (That’s not taking into account the other chemicals and dyes that are used during the production process, which may never biodegrade.) There’s a reason why over 50 local authorities in the UK have banned balloon releases.

Even water balloons sold as “degradable” are known to last a number of months, even years. When they break into tiny pieces on impact, those tiny pieces find their way into our environment. And before they get a chance to break down, all too often they end up in the stomachs of wildlife, in the sea and on land. They float around mimicking sea life and being eaten by fish, turtles, and birds - killing these animals and polluting the entire ecosystem from the bottom of the food chain up.

is there an eco alternative to water balloons?

Yes! Our favourite alternative is crocheted eco water balloons - reusable and plastic-free, without compromising the fun factor!

Just because we’re not throwing trash into rivers with wild abandon doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

So, how do they work?

Simply take your reusable water balloon, submerge under water and let it soak in for a few seconds, take aim, throw (then run!). Unlike the disposable latex water balloons, these reusable water balloons can be reused over and over again. Hours of outdoors fun in the sun for little ones and big ones alike. And no plastic waste in sight! If they get mucky while playing in the garden, a cool wash and air dry will see them as good as new.

Concerned they won’t work as well as latex water balloons?

They’re fully tried and tested by us and we can vouch that these eco water balloons give as good a splat as the traditional disposable balloons (if not better!). Don’t just take our word for it, watch them in action

Crocheted reusable water balloons are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to single-use water balloons. They're available from our online eco shop as a set of 6 reusable water balloons, in mixed rainbow colours to make it easier to retrieve them after each round!


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