Our Story

Inspired by our children and our love for the environment.

At Little B, we are passionate about discovering eco-friendly alternatives that have minimal impact on the environment. We want to make it easy for you to make the switch to more sustainable products that are right for you and kinder to our planet.

We had our eyes opened to the affect our society’s throw away culture is having on our planet while watching the documentary, Drowning in Plastic. It really hit a nerve; it made us question what we bought and how much waste we were generating. It empowered us to start saying no to single-use plastic and unnecessary waste.  We wanted to help others who are trying to find their way towards a more sustainable lifestyle. And so, our family business, Little B, was born.

So, why 'Little B'?

We’re the ‘Black’ family - hello!

When pregnant with our first child, he was given the nickname Little B.  Starting our family has really made us think about how much more we could do to help protect the future of our beautiful planet, especially now we have little people to think about. We wanted our business name to stay true to us, so Little B seemed the perfect fit.

When we first started looking at ways to reduce our waste, we soon realised it wasn’t as easy as we’d hoped. Like many, we have busy lives - both work and family - to juggle. Researching eco-friendly products that are right for our family took time. We’re usually pretty frugal, so when it comes to spending money we like to do our homework to know we’re making the right decision. For us, the challenge was balancing finding eco-friendly products, that don’t cost a fortune, while not completely losing the convenience we’ve become used to. We’re always looking at new options to add to the Little B shop, with each one tried and tested by us before it makes the final cut.

Our Ethos

We know from experience that changing habits that have become everyday conveniences can be tough. We want to make eco-friendly living easier by doing the hard work for you. We carefully select every product we stock, always ensuring they are sustainable, ethical and practical.


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