Conditioner Bar

Product Code: PCB-01

Price: £5.50

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Want to reduce the plastic in your bathroom? Make the switch from plastic bottles to conditioner bars!

POSY conditioner bars are a plastic-free alternative made from natural ingredients including coconuts, butters and oils. 

Each conditioner bar typically lasts up to as long as 3 average sized bottles of conditioner, depending on hair length and how hard or soft your water is.

How to use:
Wet your hair, next simply rub the conditioner bar over the hair and work in, then rinse. This truly is a little bar of magic! The first few times it will feel like nothing is going onto your hair. Please do bear with it and you will feel the amazing results when you rinse your hair. We have found that after a few uses when the bar softens it will feel more like the conditioner you are used to - you just have to give it a chance!

For best results use after washing your hair with a POSY shampoo bar.

To help your POSY conditioner bar last, allow it to dry completely between uses. Bars left in water will not last as long! 

  • Plastic-free alternative to conditioner bottles
  • Made from natural, hair nourishing ingredients
  • Leaves your hair super soft


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