Make your own beeswax wraps kit

Product Code: BFW-10

Price: £9.00

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Fancy getting stuck in with making your own wax wraps? We've made it easier for you! Our kits include pre-made blocks of our special mix of beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil, along with instructions for you to follow. Simply choose the fabric you want to wax and away you go!

These kits include enough mix to make x3-4 large wraps.

  • Fab gift idea for the eco-conscious
  • Fail-safe way to get great looking wraps, that actually work
  • No need to 'trial and error' getting your ratios right
  • Ingredients are 'food safe'
  • Wax is ethically and sustainably harvested from our local beekeeper
  • Perfect way for using up your scrap fabric - zero waste at it's best